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Daffy's Elixir

by Bryan Scary

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No tomorrows on The Wicked Frontier! Leave your sorrows at The Wicked Frontier You kissed your lover in the morning Now someone's sitting in your chair And let the matter be a warning: You're no longer welcome here At The Wicked Frontier! No more welcome at The Wicked Frontier! AH! All is melting on The Wicked Frontier No forever on The Wicked Frontier! You'd best forget her to The Wicked Frontier! She doesn't even understand you So Mister - break away from here Don't even read the card she hands you Life isn't very fair At The Wicked Frontier! Life's not easy at The Wicked Frontier AH! Leaves you reeling on The Wicked Frontier AH! How I loved her at The Wicked Frontier AH! Oh my dear! It's a Wicked Frontier
Master of lies - cast your spell on me - Not an inch of hesitation I am the mascot "fidelity" - I will rise to the occasion I'll take the fall I'll climb the wall I'll heed the call for mediation And even in the offing that You're miles away I'll still be waiting for your train tonight at Ziegfield Station! With your shocks on the rocks and your sleight of hand And your gift for imitation... My tunnel vision eyes were really blind to something happening 'Cause sleeping with the sphinx has made me crazy! I'm all askew and thanks to you They won't approve my medication And no one's intervening and it's getting late An unbalancing of state tonight at Ziegfield Station! The Ziegfield night security Is slowly catching onto me - OH NO! And can it be I've been mistaken - There's no one bound for Ziegfield Station? I'm waiting patiently Have you made a fool of me? I'LL NEVER LEAVE!!! And what's in store But civil war - Revolving door of consolation And even understanding that you're far away I'll still be waiting for your train tonight at Ziegfield Station! And so we go separate ways
A wintery evening and vein 33 takes me back to the heart The show's going to start! Dodging the crux of a highway stampede I make a break for Liver Street Soon I'll be out of the noose and forgetting the life I lead Honey I'm home - Hug applied, kisses blown - And I conquer the den (Mine to defend) Traces of happier days in the air... A photograph...a maiden fair... Reach for the button and nothing but memories disappear "She was the queen of every social stage Before she fell for Mrs. Molly Page! Don't miss 'The Lioness' Roar' Tonight on Channel 44!" "Check out the scars on Paul the Buccaneer - He met his match in Cinnamon the Deer! And now he's coming back for more Tonight on Channel 44." Do you want to run away with me On a wave of new technology? It's the only way to be 44 stations! Communication! Look right into my light And you will! Six on the dot and the opening shot of the latest charade He lived by the blade! Click and we're over the rainbow at Oz The signal breaks - we take a pause - "A word from our sponsor, what you've just put on sir are Santa Claws." There's a new pair of shoes on the 9'o clock news and she's egging me on! Click and she's gone. Time for a visit to Oxygen Lane The victor of the ratings game "Who kicks it last when they take out the air from the aeroplane?" "It came of age with nothing for to love Who put the screws into its stars above? We pose the question: she or he? Tonight on Channel 23." "Autopsy Al found something in his bed... Cadaver Sal's decapitated head! And will he make it out alive Tonight on Channel 35?" Do you want to take your mind apart? Drive a cable through your broken heart? Now's the perfect time to start 44 stations! Communication! Look right into my light And play your part Another evening and I'm back again At the mantle of my only friend Nothing for to comprehend 44 Stations! Communication! Look right into my light Until the end
Looking through a diamond back in time - I still remember we were lovers then. Before the meeting of the mines - I do remember we were lovers then. And opportunity was ripe my friend Oh my, so fine! The means we molded justified the ends Oh no - where'd it go? The Silver City Miners - They took it all from me The Silver City Miners - It wasn't meant to be The Silver City Miners - Honey you and me couldn't find a finer enemy Now we're bound to a life in The Silver Lake Mining Company They came a-crashing through the trees - I still remember we were happy then. The monster mining company, behind a merry veil of gentlemen. "We'll get elation in the air again!" Oh my, what lies! "And all the money you could ever spend!" Oh no - what a show! The Silver City Miners - They got down on their knees The Silver City Miners - We gave 'em all the keys The Silver City Miners - With the life we knew flickering behind us in the breeze Now we're bound to a life in The Silver Lake Mining Company "I want to go tonight to Silver Lake I'll put my head upon your shoulder." "We'll think about the way things used to be - Forget about the mining company." We'll put our little world behind us We'll let prosperity define us We've got a miracle to guide us And pretty soon we'll all be miners LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT FIRST TO THE LEFT THEN WE GO TO THE RIGHT!!!
Diamonds! 05:41
Now that you've followed the lines of your eyes Break from your cages and take to the skies! Looking for diamonds under the gun Losing your mind and on the run! Moving in rhythm with your entourage - Was that a twinkle or just a mirage? Searching for diamonds without a clue - Why all the gray surrounding you? Fading away at the end of the line: Would-be adventurers wasting your time Aching for diamonds! Where could they be? Sure is a deadly mystery! Diamonds! Glittering jewels mesmerizing! Diamonds! Embellishing everything they're riding! Prima Donnas of the stone age Send my darling on a rampage. Scintillating! Diamonds brighten the graces of a maiden Diamonds! Damsels electrified, amazing! Masquerading in the parlor Belle-gunning for a martyr to their ardor! On we go, making our entrance at another show Glistening from head to toe Diamonds on our faces Put us in our places Diamonds brighten the balustrade above you Diamonds - no better way to say I love you (I love you) You can wear them in your boudoir They dot the eyes of every film star at The Mirage Can it be? From out of the mountains to the silver screen Socialite security And if you want to please her, get down on your knees sir Diamonds are the meter of our dreams (Twinkle Twinkle little stars. How we wonder who you are. So high above us all. May you shine forevermore)
Ballroom Kid 04:01
The boy from the border just left his school - No more shame for acting the fool all day He followed the water, shooting the breeze Dancing on the banks of a reverie Ballroom Kid, circular motion Ballroom Kid - Oh Yeah! Ballroom Kid, from ocean to ocean he's wandering the land He's gonna be your Ballroom Man! A life in the ballroom has made him a star - Painted gangsters worship him near and far The most glamorous bandit that you've ever met - He'll kill you slowly after a pirouette ('re getting wet) Ballroom Kid, coming to get you! Ballroom Kid - Beware! Ballroom Kid, willing to bet ya you haven't a prayer! He'll meet you in the ballroom dear It's the bitch from the ballroom BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! Had you ever seen a wicked ballerina 'til the kid took your brain away? Ballroom Kid, riding the ranges Ballroom Kid on the move Ballroom Kid - he's gonna tango into your saloon Ballroom Kid, painting his fingernails Ballroom Kid - being bad! Ballroom Kid - a shift and a trigger is all that he has Ballroom Kid, coming to get you Ballroom Kid - Oh Yeah! The Ballroom Kid, he'll never forget you so strike up the band He's gonna be your Ballroom Man!!!
Waking in a foreign land Your train arrives - so THIS is where the eagle flies A little shop on Sulfur Street Window Flowers - so neat you can hardly blink your eyes. So you take 'em to the back room - Where sitting and knitting is Mrs. Lotus - (your wife in Act Two) She understands you've just got into town! So "settle down, and wait a while, and let me take the load off." Ever exciting - look alive - her grip is tightening... You Might Be Caught In Tarantella! You Might Be Caught In Tarantella! You Might Be Caught In Tarantella! I hope you brought your new umbrella 30 years go floating by Your growing old - she fit you in her special mold The world has turned another screw Look in the mirror - that's you! In the interest of time it's apparent - you've been cheated The flowers are wilting and all the cake's already eaten Something bad is stirring in the sky So don't ask why - just grab your things and try to make a run. For It is so frightening. She's got her fingers in the lightening... You Might Be Caught In Tarantella! You Might Be Caught In Tarantella! You Might Be Caught In Tarantella! Good thing you brought that old umbrella Sitting by the window as the world goes passing by This is your return to a life you put aside You had everything you wanted, you were young and so alive It all becomes a lonely lullaby Can it be you're dreaming? You're never never leaving town? Or maybe this is heaven? Or're going down... There are faces in the shadows, there are echoes on the tide It all becomes a lonely lullaby
To tell the tale of Opal Dawn would be a little hard She went to find America, but in the end she didn't get too far And if we're crazy she must have been insane! Because the stuff we're made of? She never grew. She nearly flew away. She lost her little heart while traveling the boulevard And all we can say now that she's really gone... Tell The Tale of Opal Dawn: the missionary martyr! She wasn't Opal very long - so spread the news about her! Put her on your poster Adulate and boast her! And though you may be toast girl... Opal Dawn, keep your ruby slippers on They might send you home She went to feed the hungry and change the neighborhood But she couldn't face reality. Her enemy was never understood 'Cause when you're saving a people you can't abide - Interminably craving society to let us all inside - You're gonna figure out - what lies within is not without And love's not a drug that everyone's counting on And that's why we... Tell The Tale of Opal Dawn, who thought to make a difference! She fought to help us carry on the little lives we're living! Looking for the reasons, trying to change the Seasons... But nothing's ever easy Opal Dawn, keep your ruby slippers on They might send you home
Take your shoes and put them by the fire - Here's a little tale my love, a man I did admire (So long ago). My greatest enemy! An outlaw is a rover and a rover's meant to be freer than the birds above, the wind my love... And me? Would I waste all my time? Or lose my mind? The outlaw wasn't made to follow into tomorrow I chased him through every crooked town Waiting at the gates my love, reaching for a sound He played me like a fool, but I was smart! I kept an onyx bible in the space next to my heart Then he led me through the rain and down the drain And our little dance on the range? It was very strange Riding out another sunset, always one step away And The Faintless Moody Outlaw... I let you get away The Faintless Moody Outlaw I wonder where are you today? Well if I need you I know just where I'll meet you You better stay up all night Hold tight I swear I will defeat you! And so the years went spiraling away I lost myself in family, reeling back the days But even so I couldn't shake him loose - Uncertain whether he'd turn up and cook another goose I saw him in the faces of the ones I loved And who could imagine the play would turn this way? Does a shadow last forever, or does it just go away? And The Faintless Moody Outlaw - The game is at an end The Faintless Moody Outlaw - Oh, my enemy, my friend For soon I'll find you I'm coming up behind you So knees down and pray Have faith It's all you've left to guide you! He grew up in the slums Then moved out West To follow every hollow that could get him off the best Sucking on a dream: A lonely dream. Our dreams have silver linings but his was green The sign said "Banco Libre" so he did - Freed a hundred thousand of the dollars that it hid And then he rode into the Rio Grande To make a stand he offered up his arms but we were duped He showered us with lead my love when up above The sky began to thunder - He escaped by going under Now it's just a tale we tell each other And so I'm on my way...
I was working at The Daily Grind, a local publication And beat down, down, down by all the steady nothing I'd been facing When "BLAM" I see a fallen angel - how could I forsake her? I'm gonna follow the signs - I've got a feeling this one's the breaker! I said "Someone's gotta save her - get the plot right Put her in the paper - in the spotlight Worry about her later - angel? Not quite!" Oh oh oh! We've got Another Ace In The Hole! It's such an opportunity! It's gonna break my heart in three when she blows! Suddenly my life got a little better I'm the toast of town, but even still I just can't forget her They say I made her into something special and she really owes me But even I don't go for that bottle of phony bologna You see...she wasn't even crying (you were cheating)... Right - she wasn't flying (story sweetening)... I lead a life of lying (through your teeth, man!) Oh oh oh! We've got Another Ace In The Hole! It's such an opportunity! It's gonna break my heart in three when she blows Oh oh oh! It was Another Ace In The Hole And if I get to have my say I'm gonna make it go away Oh oh oh! It was Another Ace In The Hole! It was written out of need It was a hit so guaranteed Oh oh oh! It was Another Ace In The Hole! And such an opportunity... It's gonna break my heart in three when she blows!
ACT ONE: "Baron" you were Back before we put the knife in Daily galloping your cause around - manufactured to the hyphen You made your claims Ran your across our cities... Making enemies and breaking hearts With your wife on your committee And oh, was it all necessary? Oh, give it back, Red Baron! Living a dream She was manicured in rubies And he used her as the "Baroness" In the gospel he was proving And on a roll You were polishing pretenses While the rest of us were panicking In the ruins of our defenses And oh, was it all necessary? Oh, give it back, Red Baron! ENTR'ACTE: We sicced a man upon him Practiced in forgery Who made a living out of hidden aces He battled through the papers And found the missing ink To wipe the fables off the Baron's faces "Baron, I think that I've made up my mind You're not the man you've been playing See, this shade is not the same You've written in your name You'd better start praying it's all a game 'Cause I'm gonna put you in the fire! I've been hired by the miners Whom you rag upon Put your lands up - the game is over Give it back to Arizona!" And so the knives were brandished The cat escaped the bag And everybody formed a line around him They got him on the platform And raised the banner flag When from the parlor came a voice resounding THE BARONESS: "Stop what you're doing, can this be for real? The Baron is nobody's puppet! And if he's only fantasy Then what to do with me? Maybe I'm just an accessory? I won't be made a method actor!" No one backed her She went scrambling For obscurity Never peeling Her persona "The Baroness of Arizona" Then in the air above them Their man began to weep They left him praying and the sky was pouring And so it all receded Back into history The tables turning and the engines roaring ACT THREE: Where do they go All our misbegotten grifters? Will they ever find themselves again After all the veils are lifted? The Baron, we're told Tried his hand at irrigation But eventually he met his end In the shadows of a nation And I ask you now: Oh, was it all necessary? Oh, give it back, Red Baron
Owe Mister O 04:12
Bang! Bang! Bang! There's a knock at the back door Pay! Pay! Pay! Like an amateur actor It’s that man With his face on the poster He won the deed (He's a boaster) What can you say? He's been knocking all day I think he’s got the mind to stay Mister O doesn't beg your pardon And Mister O doesn't like to bargain He's been sitting in his office nine to five And suddenly he's come alive He goes "Oh! You've got to go! Jack, hit the road! For don't you know - you owe Mister O! I'm gonna make it plain You're gonna take that train... For the family, the reverend, the foreign leader Owe Mister. O The senator, the mannequin, and the maiden meter Owe Mister. O Yeah, the manager, the old lady down the road And everybody that you know Oh, they owe Mister O (Knock at the door) Well, I wonder who that is? (Open up!) He’s as mad as a hat is! He's a fool with a plan like a card house He likes to rule pulling cards out Sell him a clue so he’ll know what to do Or else you're gonna get the screw Mister O doesn't need your savings And Mister O doesn't like your babies He's been waiting for an opportunity To put everybody on the street and go... "Oh! You’ve got to go! You're bought and sold! And don't ya know you owe Mister O!?" No more society Or notoriety The butler and the baker and the new age tailor Owe Mister O The pioneer, the coroner, the dancing sailor Owe Mister O The vagabond, the president, the pope And everybody that you know Yeah, they owe Mister O CITIZEN KANE ENDING PART: Mister O, where are you going? It seems your ship is overflowing With all that you own, still you're living alone I think it's time you found yourself a home (Mr. O doesn't want your love. He wants your (fill in the blank)
Sing a song, Day-Glo Waterfalls nearly killed me! Break away, Day-Glo Waterfalls - still they thrill me! My head upon your shoulder Another year older So we'll pray to Day-Glo Waterfalls, oh yeah! Make it plain, Day-Glo Waterfalls flowing electric Break away - Day-Glo Waterfalls, power effected We run the hills around them! Have other lovers ever found them? You and me: Day-Glo Waterfall bonded A Day-Glo winter A Day-Glo Fall The Day-Glo writing on the Day-Glo wall You sitting pretty on a Day-Glo shore Colorful lady, forevermore! A Day-Glo morning A Day-Glo eve When you're in Day-Glo you can never leave Between the static and the falling shade Day-Glo connections will never fade Make a face, Day-Glo Waterfalls capture you lovely We'll embrace in Day-Glo Waterfalls - color for covering Industrial explosion Has given us a rainbow ocean! Seeing stars in Day-Glo Waterfalls, oh yeah! Making plans in Day-Glo Waterfalls, oh yeah! You and me in Day-Glo Waterfalls
He sang a soldier's lonely tune All work, no play, the blues With nothing left to lose He's gone and thrown it all away There's no tomorrow on the island of today Aboard a broken battleship A rift in time was made Coming to his aid There are million shades of grey But no quicksilver like Quicksilver Daisy Day Haunting every age Darling, she's a steel Her pleasure program makes you feel okay There's nothing like a Daisy Day So mercurial Simulator love Choose your poison in the passion play There's nothing like a Daisy Day And the little ones say "There's nothing like a Daisy Day" Our Genevieve was made of iron And Juliet of clay, yeah We've come a long, long way Now our parts are meant to stay We do our part to keep your company in shape And in the funny frame of life The dream has taken shape But w are wide awake So be quick, don't hesitate There's no quicksilver like Quicksilver Daisy Day Take a telegram Bury it in sand Twenty forty-three and keep the change There's nothing like a Daisy Day You could be the king Time machine the queen Don't mettle with her metal motor, babe There's nothing like a Daisy Day And the little ones say "There's nothing like a Daisy Day"
A local hero searching for a way to pave the day and make his name did pray to higher powers For opportunities to show the world the nature of the game he played - (it took him hours) And every moment he could save, He sat in stone contemplation Pondering, with glory on his brain A method to make the grade When searching the whites of his eyes The lines revealed a mountain high Those of his kind can't help but do all they can A trip to the top and he’d be another Superman So gathering his things he made a beeline for the byway out of town Westbound (a sheet to cape him) And down the road a mile he turn to face the life he'd run aground Profound (the word escaped him) For new adventures he had found - the mountain seen in the mirror! Head held high, his pace a steady purr The wind cried, the heavens stirred When out of the valley below Rose a serenade of stone! Throwing his bag and cape to the valley floor Where he was going he wouldn't need them anymore More of the same, he was looking for a change in the weather Along the way thinking only of his place in forever How could he pull it together? Where was the fame that he sought? "I’m certain they made me for something better" (Look out, you're gonna get caught Somebody's tying the knot) "Data Mountain - we will find you! Data Mountain - right behind you! Data Mountain - bow before you! Data Mountain - we adore you!" Be all you can, you're no ordinary man - you're the future (And it's spinning all around you now) But look out below and be careful as you go through the roof, sir Everyone's looking at you, sir Everyone knows who you are And what it may seem could be so untrue, sir People will tear you apart Cables can cut through the heart "Data Mountain - we will find you! Data Mountain - right behind you! Data Mountain - bow before you! Data Mountain - we adore you!" (Be who you are or you'll fall off the mountain!) Lo and behold it seems that you’ve reached the peak But there on the other side isn't what you hoped to see This mountain was only a trick, sir Come greet your friends at the door Seems you’ve been drinking a mean elixir...


Scary's proper full-length followup to Flight of the Knife, a classic Western wherein our favorite swindlers pull the wool over our eyes and we forecast a fantasyland. Let us hold hands and sing the sun up: "Master of Lies, Cast Your Spell On Me."


released April 24, 2012

Songs by Bryan Scary
Produced by Graham Norwood, Bryan Smith, & Bryan Scary
Mixed by Bryan Smith
Engineered by Bryan Smith & Bryce Goggin
Mastered by Nathan James at The Vault
Artwork and Album Design by Vern Incognito

Bryan Scary: Vocals, Keys
Graham Norwood: Guitars, Vocals
David Ostrem: Bass
Paul Amorese: Drums
Giulio Carmassi: Horns, Vibes, Percussion, Strings, etc.
Mike Acreman: Additional Keys
Bryan Smith: Additional Guitar
Jon Graboff: Pedal Steel Guitar
Jacqui Kerrod: Harp
Peter Mayer: Violin Solo on "Tarantella"
Liz Hanley, Gabe Smith, Trevor New, Brian Sanders: Strings

This album wouldn't exist if not for Stanley Treitler, Everet Almond, and a great swathe of glorious Kickstartering benefactors.


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Bryan Scary Los Angeles, California

Being a biography of an artist written by the artist. The artist's bio: applause, applause. And accordingly, the artist dies at the end. The End.

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